natural nutrient for pond plants

Vincia Aqua Plant Tabs

  • Suitable forfor 1 m²
  • Suitable forfor 3 m²

Natural nutrients for pond plants, long-lasting effect. Environmentally-friendly residual product from water treatment. Position the tabs alongside the plant roots.

* Action: nutrient for pond plants.

* Dosage: 30 tabs are enough for 1 m2 of pond soil. Per plant basket measuring approximately 30×30 cm: 4 tabs.

* Composition:

o 98 g of ammonium magnesium orthophosphate per 100 g (4.4 g per tablet).

o 2 g of polyvinylpyrrolidone per 100 g (0.1 g per tablet).

* Fertiliser: ammonium magnesium orthophosphate.

* Nitrogen (N) content: 5.00%, phosphate (P) content: 12.06%.

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