Natural ingredients for pond solutions

Vincia searches for primary ingredients that work naturally and re-use of residual products. Solutions for common pond problems such as bottom sludge, algae formation and poor water quality are found. Vincia products are 100% natural and they have a minimal impact on the environment.

Lime from the sea

Layers of lime from soaked marine algae form along seashores. This natural lime contains minerals from the seawater and it is very rich in calcium, magnesium and trace elements.
Maërl dissolves slowly and raises GH and KH levels of the pond water.


Natural product in powder form for clear water. Increases the water hardness and activates the bacterial development. Available in 700, 1800, 3300 and 7500 g for 20.000 to 200.000 litres.
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Maërl Crystal

Natural product in pellet form for clear water. Increases the water hardness and activates the bacterial development. Available in 1500 and 3600 g for 20.000 and 50.000 litres of water.
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Natural lime with minerals
Lime grains are left after the production of drinking water. The water leaves a layer of lime around grains of sand, when it is softened. As with your lawn, lime in the pond helps to absorb the bottom sludge as nutrients for aquatic plants.

Sludge Cleaner

Natural product that removes bottom sludge. Removes organic sludge and prevents acidification of the bottom. Available in 1700 and 4250 g for 10 m2 and 20 m2 of pond surface.
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Modified clay product
Enriching natural bentonite clay with the earth metal lanthanum results in a clay product that sinks to the pond bottom and absorbs phosphate. This eliminates an important nutrient for algae and stops the growth of fibrous and floating algae in the pond.

Pond Cleaner

Natural product to prevent algae. Binds phosphate and stops algal growth due to lack of nutrients. Available in 1000 g for 20.000 litres of pond water.
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Phosphate-rich fertiliser
Wastewater contains substances that are valuable for plant growth. Given this fact, Vincia has made a nutrient tablet using the residue from wastewater treatment. Reusing this is important now that the natural extraction of phosphate is declining due to scarcity.

Aqua Plant Tabs

Natural nutrients for pond plants, long-lasting effect. Environmentally-friendly residual product from water treatment. Available in 135 g and 400 g.
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Pellets high moor peat
Adding peat to water creates a healthy environment for fish and plants in the pond. The humic acids that are released lower the pH level of the water in a natural way. The high moor peat is compressed into pellets and it is easy to use.


Toru-Active is the natural pH reducer for pond water based on peat from peat bogs. The peat is concentrated and compacted to form pellets. Available in 2100 g for 5.000 litres of pond water.
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Pellets barley straw
We are familiar with barley as a raw material in beer and cattle feed. The straw also has a useful effect in a pond. As barley straw decomposes, the phosphate level in the water decreases and algae in the pond are cleared up naturally.


Barley straw and high moor peat to remove algae. Removes algae by the activation of the micro life and pH-reduction. Available in 2600 g for 10.000 litres of pond water.
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Barley straw to remove algae. Removes algae by the activation of the micro life in the pond. Available in 1500 g for 6000 litres of pond water.
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Choose Vincia if you prefer natural products.

  • Is your pond used for swimming, or does your dog or cat sometimes drink out of the pond?
  • Vincia natural products are 100% biodegradable and safe for everyone.

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