natural product for ponds against algae

Vincia Pond Cleaner

  • Suitable forfor 20.000 litres of water
  • Activecomponentslanthanum (in granular form)

The natural choice

Green clouds in the water and turbid water are a plague for pond owners! Pond Cleaner bonds phosphate in the pond water; it removes nutrients. This results in a clean pond free of deposits and strands. 


• At high temperatures and when there are a lot of fish, an oxygen deficiency can occur. Aeration or replacing some of the water may prove necessary. 

• Prevent problems with the water by adding a dose of Pond Cleaner to the water every month. 

• Maintain the water hardness level with GH Plus. An ideal GH value is between 8 and 12° DH.

Active substance: Lanthanum (in granular form)

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