Maintenance September

In the beginning of this month it is the height of summer, however, at the end of the month you can see that plants are on the wane. Therefore you should still thin out the excess oxygen producing plants. Remove left off flowers and brown leaves of water lilies and marsh plants. Especially for this purpose there are two-in-one tools f.e. the Pond cutter & Pond pincers. This tool can be used to cut and by fixing the gripping elements which are supplied along  the parts of plant can be removed from the pond.

Especially in this month it is important to measure the hardness of the pond water. Dying and decaying water plants release so much CO2, that acidification of pond environment lie on the look-out. Especially the GH value should be sufficiently high to be able to bind the surpluses of CO2. Convenient ready-to-use sets are available for checking GH values. If the GH levels are wrong, it is best to get them right by using this special product.

Although outside temperatures in this time of the year, especially at night, can go down considerably, pond water will reasonably keep up. In order to keep the condition of fish to the level or to improve it, if necessary, you should feed liberally on qualitatively good fish feed.

Summarizing september

  • Thin out the excess oxygen producing plants
  • Remove left off flowers and brown leaves
  • Check the GH values and improve if necessary
  • Feed the fish with high quality food

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