removes biologically pond bottom sludge

Vincia Sludge Cleaner

  • Suitable forfor 10 m²
  • Suitable forfor 25 m²

The natural solution
The bottom of your pond can get clogged up with leaves, remnants of aquatic plants and fish waste. This sludge interferes with the growth of aquatic plants but actually encourages algae. Vincia Sludge Cleaner cleans up pond beds and prevents new sludge naturally. Acidification of the bed surface is prevented by the grains that reduce pH levels, the natural lime ensures the correct water hardness and micro-organisms kick off the bacterial conversion of the waste on the pond bed.

Remove leaves and dead plants. Give the fish good-quality feed: the less waste there is in the pond, the less likely there will be algae in the spring.

The Vincia natural products keep your pond free of algae and improve water quality naturally. They are 100% environmentally friendly and biodegradable. Vincia is for pond-lovers who prefer not to use artificial products but who do want to enjoy the life around clear water.

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